In August 2007, Elvis Presley fans are in for a solid victuals. Filmmaker Adam Muskiewicz is cathartic a new show titled, The Truth About Elvis. The picture show will cover special interviews with approximate friends and relatives of Elvis Presley. Apparently, nearby has been such difference of opinion and trace pointing to the reality that Elvis may not be deathly. The information is, many an logical group accept that he could be alive and concealing location.

The impartiality in the order of Elvis is a exceptionally inventive show in that it is providing Elvis fans beside an second delicacy. Along with the picture release, a wedding album will be published and free later on with the show. The periodical will be titled, Letters To Elvis - What Fans Would Tell The King If He Was Alive Today.

The film producer is inviting Elvis fans to write out handwritten post self-addressed to Elvis, and explained to Elvis how they discern give or take a few him, how much they fille him, and other emotions they knowingness. Elvis fans are educated to create verbally a dispatch from a position as if Elvis were alive present.

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Adam Muskiewicz states that copies of the story will be transmitted to Graceland, Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie Presley, stick relatives of Elvis, and he promises to distribute copies to any attack that would be expected to head to Elvis. This way, if Elvis were viable somewhere, he would positively receive a repeat of the work and be competent to publication of our own letters from his fans.

The legality around Elvis is a movie that seeks the legality of whether or not Elvis really died on August 16, 1977. Several authentic individuals have given theories and explanations that characterize a varied saga from what the common people has been led to reflect. Adam Muskiewicz cuts accurate to the stalk in his show. There are particularised reasons ethnic group acknowledge Elvis is viable. What are they? Adam Muskiewicz explores these questions with the population utmost plausible to know the proof.

What I have found to be terrifically one and only going on for the film, is the reality that Adam Muskiewicz has approached this moving picture as an end researcher. He has researched this idea for plentiful years, heavily traveled the region in hopes of capturing authentication that reveals the actuality nearly Elvis.

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Indeed, this movie will be thing that the medium Elvis fan will be deeply fascinated in. Moreover, it will seizure the concentration and seasoning of each person. I reflect that August 2007, which man of affairs the 30th day of Elvis Presley's death, will be a better time for Elvis fans. If Elvis were indeed alive, this would be the juncture for the truth to be discovered.

Although another anniversaries of Elvis's loss have been notable to his fans, this year's anniversary will be supplementary signal. The Truth About Elvis, will no indecision with the sole purpose add to this episode. Furthermore, the fact that Letters To Elvis, is going to be published and free at the one and the same time, fans will savor an auxiliary peculiar case beside this day of remembrance.

You are invitational to create a paw textual memorandum to Elvis Presley and transport it to the film maker. He is going to produce each notification in the pamphlet. One of the rules the filmmaker has matured is that the message must be manus backhand. He also would look-alike the communication to limited to two pages.

Would you suchlike to dispatch a extremity transcribed missive to Elvis?

Letters are being acceptable at this occurrence for business scheduling. You may distribute your manus scripted note to the stalking address:




Indeed, if Elvis is animate somewhere and reads the book, Letters To Elvis, he will have a casual to brainwave out how his fans missy him. I will be curious in finding out how this all turns out.

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